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Permanent (Electrostatic) filters are more effective than disposable filters at removing pollen, dust and other harmful contaminants from the air you breathe.

Product Line:

All American Air Filters uses highly charged polypropylene media which washes just as clean as new every time. All American Air Filters, Inc. filters will not deteriorate over time, will not collapse when loaded and will not download. Most models guaranteed 10 years……built to last 12-20 years. All standard materials 100% recyclable.

SeriesModelArrestance to 0.3 micronsEfficiency* to 5 micronsASHRAE Dust Holding CapacityFrame Size
100F-1-7070%99%105 gm7/8 0.875”
100F-1-90**90%99%125 gm7/8 0.875”
200F-2-7070%99%115 gm1 7/8 1.875”
200F-2-9090%99%135 gm1 7/8 1.875”
FXF-FX-5050%n / a75 gm1/8 0.125"
FXF-FX-7070%99%120 gm1/4 0.25”
FXF-FX9090%99%130 gm1/4 0.25”
Specialty models exist for marine, rail, transit, electronics, laser cutting equipment and many other applications.
* ASHRE Efficiency applied to Atmospheric Dust composition
** Extrapolated performance

Photo of S-24 installation


  • High grade aluminum frames
  • Aluminum grid
  • 100% high grade polypropylene media
  • Washes as clean as new every time
  • Media will not deteriorate

Permanent Electrostatic Air Filters


  • Highly Effective – removes dust, pollen, mold and bacteria.
  • Built to Last – Workmanship & Materials guaranteed 10 years. However will usually outlast your equipment. Only the best materials used.
  • Electrostatic/Self Charging – No harmful emissions which are common with electronic air cleaners. No electrical hook-ups required.
  • Easy to Install – Just slide into your unit.
  • Easy to Clean – Just clean with water, shake and return.
  • Cost Effective – Will save you hundreds of dollars over its life.
  • Commercial/Industrial Quality – Proven in commercial & industrial applications since 1977. Original patent holder.

Increase Air Flow – Decrease Resistance – Eliminate Blowby


All American Air Filters, Inc. custom manufactures filters in all sizes and for diverse applications. These self-charging, electro-static filters are effective down to .3 microns.

All American Air Filters do not collapse when loaded and keep working!

Large AAA panel filters, instead of disposable filter banks, result in lower operating costs, maximize air flow to the equipment and lower maintenance costs.

Permanent Electrostatic Air Filters

V-Bank Installation

Roof Installation

Roof Installation

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